Cajun Zydeco Texmex
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The Dutch band Swamp has developed into one of Europe's leading bands since it's existence . They have a unique interpretation of Cajun, Zydeco, Texmex
and other related music styles.


- Tjitte Knol: lead vocals, guitar, Louisiana Rubboard, percussion
- Marius Bos: accordeon, vocals
- André v/d Werf: bassguitar, vocals
- Bob Philipse: drums, percussion, cajon
- Allard Gosens: Guitar

The band successfully performs at stages and venues across Europe. They are all musicians who love making music and have fun doing so. It shows in
their performances. At the end of many a concert the crowd chants "We want more!!"

When you come to one of Swamp's concerts you can be sure of a Red Hot Louisiana Night!